Wednesday, March 10, 2010

art preparation for London

Part of our preparation for our upcoming trip to London is to get the kids ready and excited about the fantastic art tour they will have the privilege of taking while we are there. I know many kids don't think an endless stream of art museums makes for a good time, but I believe that with the right amount of preparation and flexibility, art museums can be a fantastic experience for all ages. We've been spending some time lately doing various activities to elicit anticipation for all the amazing art we plan to visit while we're in London.

We've been experimenting with techniques, like Pollock's.

Elizabeth studied a unit in school on the Renaissance which included a more in depth study of Da Vinci, so we researched which of his pieces we will be able to see at the National Gallery.

Elizabeth is brimming with excitement about seeing more of her favorite, Van Gogh's, art while we're there. Here is her interpretation of the phases of the moon, Van Gogh style.

And since we just finished reading Peter Pan in Kensington Garden, Elizabeth has been making fairy beds and feeding grounds everywhere in anticipation of seeing the famous fairy abodes in Kensington Garden.

We have also been brushing up on general information about some of our favorite artists, including these Old Masters which we expect to see at the National Gallery...

and these modern wonders which we expect to see at Tate Modern.

Now, after meeting all these amazing artists and their incredible work, who wouldn't be excited about visiting a few art museums?


  1. My first exhibit (extra-utero!) was the Helga pictures when I was in a stroller-- younger than our boys, I'm sure. I loved going to galleries and museums as a kid-- I know your bunch will have SO much fun!

  2. your family will have such an incredible time!

  3. You are such a smart mama! Zach saw Finn doing the Jackson Pollack painting and said, "I want to do THAT!"

  4. Wonderful idea! I love taking my children to museums. They're a bit tiny to read books about it but we take crayons and paper and I encourage them to draw what they liked best

  5. how exciting! i love visiting the museums in europe. can't wait to hear how it all goes and what the children think seeing it all in person.

  6. How exciting...I've always wanted to travel there.

    I bet your kids are just thrilled. You ART family you.


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