Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Not much going on here in the WIP department lately. I did get these finished last week, as well as Elizabeth's bag.

I've been trying to concentrate on this cute little baby sweater this week since it was backburner-ed for other things, like sickness, recently. Working on such a tiny little piece to keep a baby cozy brings a calm and relaxation to me that's different from other knitting.

I'm also adding a row here and there to my bust-the-stash blanket.

That's about all.

More WIPing happening on the London prep front. I'll share more tomorrow.


  1. ohhh, the bust the stash blanket is gorgeous! Love Elizabeth's purse too and happy bday to your grandma!

  2. the sickness is really knocking us down this year! i have a very hard time wanting to put that energy into the projects I have going on so I seem to be avoiding them...
    I agree though, love the stash blanket!

  3. That sweater is so beautiful-- love the pearly color!

  4. The sweater you are knitting is lovely Joy and the blanket is looking great:)

  5. Sickness does slow down creativity! I think I need to start a bust a stash blanket...yours will be so cozy!


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