Monday, February 8, 2010

what we're reading...

This, our most recent family read-aloud, is our second book with illustrations by Inga Moore. Our first, The Secret Garden, was thoroughly enjoyed by Elizabeth, so when I saw The Wind in the Willows with her illustrations, I nearly swooned at the thought of being able to share more of her ethereal illustrations along with a celebrated classic. I've always loved this animal-as-human tale with all their crazy hijinks. The kids have enjoyed this book and poured over the illustrations, often during times that we aren't reading together as a family. That's the mark of a good illustration, in my opinion.

Philip, who repeatedly enjoyed being read Bad Kitty a few years ago, was thrilled to find this chapter book at his book fair a few months ago. Part comic book, part chapter book, it's perfect for a fledgling reader that wants to be reading big kid books like his siblings. Big kitty's hilarious escapades are simply icing on the cake for Philip as he laughs his way through Bad Kitty's birthday.

Finn has been off and on in love with this board book classic for most of his life. Recently he has wanted to talk about the experiences of the caterpillar, especially in relationship with this finger puppet book. Why does he eat so much? Why does he put holes in his food? Why does he sleep in that house? Why does he wake up a butterfly? And on and on in typical 3 year old fashion. I take for granted sometimes the mysteries still unknown to this youngest member of our family.

I've tried several times to get Elizabeth interested in reading Roald Dahl. For some reason I just thought his style would really click with her. She's listened to a few of his books on cd, but otherwise refused to pick up one of his books on her own...until The Witches. Originally purchased for Paulie from a school book fair, she latched onto it almost immediately. I think it might have been the warning on the back of the book that the content was "a true story about REAL witches". She's been convinced for a few years that a real witch lives in the woods behind our house (thanks to Paul) so this book seemed particularly intriguing to her. So far she seems completely mesmerized. Will it lead to other Roald Dahl? I'll keep you posted.

Paulie bought this mystery novel with part of his Christmas money, strongly recommended by me because I thought it might give him some information or background on London that would prove helpful this spring. He seemed a bit hesitant to start the book, but once he did, he could hardly put it down. A fun mystery with lots of action and a bit of education is often hard to come by in books for middle grade kids so I'm glad he liked it. I also appreciate that the main character (and narrator) has Asperger's syndrome, and the book portrays a good view of what it would be like to think from that perspective. A well-rounded book and gripping mystery.

What are your kids reading right now?


  1. We found Frances, in all her breadandjam/birthday/bestfriend/littlesister/bedtime glory, under the couch cushions where she's been residing since my tongue nearly fell out after reading her ad nauseaum a year ago. So we are reading Frances. A lot.

    I will have to show you our old copy of WitW. Ours is illustrated by Ernest Shepard (as in Winnie the Pooh) and it's so beautiful. We tried the Christmas scene for G this year, but he's not ready yet. LOVE that book!

  2. Thanks for this lovely list of books Joy, we have read The Secret Garden and our children LOVED it so much! Happy Tuesday to you:)

  3. Right now Zach and I are loving Mio, My Son by Astrid Lindgren! There's nothing more fun that swapping books!

  4. these look like great books...thank you for sharing...I'm especially intrigued by Wind in the Willows.

  5. I loved The Secret Garden and A Little Princess! J is a HUGE fan of Roald Dahl.

  6. I've been re-reading all of my favorites from when I was Elizabeth's age--they are so good even now. I haven't re-read The Secret Garden-I think it is next!


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