Thursday, February 25, 2010

corners of creativity

We haven't spent very much time doing organized creating lately, thus the lack of posts about family creativity. We do spend some part of nearly every day indulging in our own favorite endeavors. Care to take a peak?

Finn's caddy has become a near permanent staple at the kitchen table. I love that!

I spent a few minutes today with some wool and warm, soapy water. More on that to come...

Elizabeth's creativity centered around the kitchen blender today. On her smoothie list: frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen peaches, avocado, carrot, apple juice, Amazing Grass, probiotics, and vitamin D. (Yes, she added the greens, probiotics and D on her own. *pause, for my heart to swell*)

Paulie's been a paper-airplane-making machine lately. Testing them all, of course, to find the most aerodynamic design.

And the wax-o-glass crayons, they keep the olders in business and help them earn dollars.

My very favorite little corner of creativity today was the bathtub where Finn parroted the song he's heard Elizabeth singing for the last week which was part of her school study of the Renaissance. I can't get enough of that little voice singing "Whose Pigs Be These".


  1. Ahhh Finn....such a cutie! You do such a great job providing an environment that promotes creativity from your children. I love the picture of Elizabeth in the kitchen.

  2. so sweet--will you re-post the link on the window crayons? Since JH writes on the windows anyway, it might as well be washable!

  3. Go Elizabeth! She could open a smoothie stand this summer :)

  4. Love your pictures--and what a cutie your boy is!

  5. kid creativity and the trails of it they leave make my heart smile.

  6. What a lovely week!! I am glad I found your blog, it's a lovely read.

  7. How sweet!!! I love all the creativity in your house!


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