Thursday, February 18, 2010

He loves me...

While I could go on and on about the wonderful man that I'm blessed to be married to, and I have, I just wanted to share a tiny nugget about St. Valentine's Day. I realize that was days ago now, and the shops have already pulled out their shamrocks, but the sickness which pervaded our house around that time precluded me from writing much. (We're all better now; thanks for the well-wishes!)

In addition to ringing in our Valentine's day with a puking little one on his lap, Paul, with his amazing taste for unusual gifts, came through again with a winner of a Valentine's day present.

Blend Creations, started by a husband-wife design team in 2005, created this Connections necklace. Accented with Swarovski crystals to represent the birthmonth of each member of our family, this necklace is a precious, yet modern and amazingly designed, reminder of my loved ones. What a wonderful hubby I have to gift me with his love and amazing jewelry like this. ;)

I hope everyone's Valentine's day was amazing and lovely!


  1. Oh, that is a sweet necklace! I love how it connects all of the family members without being ... cloying? Is that the right word. I really don't enjoy most necklaces and charms with family birthstones on them (like the ones made to look like mini-people). This one is sweet.

  2. If you're in need of spare pocket change you could hire him out to do seminars for the other hubbies out there... I love mine to pieces, but gifting is not his strong suit...

  3. What an incredibly cool looking necklace, not to mention incredibly sweet!

  4. Sweet necklace and sweet hubby! ;)

    Emily and I both love the looks of the necklace!

  5. It's beautiful Joy!
    I am happy you enjoyed your Valentines Day and wishing your little guy well xo


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