Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend with family

Paul, Finn and I ventured down to visit my brother's family in Charlotte this weekend. We were excited to see, not only family, but a show of my brother's photography in a Caribou Coffee near downtown.

Finn was able to eat his morning snack under Uncle John's photography. Very cool! We even walked away with these two prints for our upstairs bathroom. (I always keep a link to his flickr photostream in my sidebar if you ever want to see what he's shooting.)

After visiting the coffeeshop, we headed out to Aidan's (my oldest nephew) last soccer game of the season. He was very serious about his sport, which was so cute since I often see 3 year olds on the soccer field more interested in picking daisies on the sidelines.

Paul was happy to hang out cuddling with Aidan's little brother, Aren.

While Aidan played soccer, Finn and Aunt Michelle hunted for special leaves near the field.

I just loved this shot of him checking out the leaves and seed pods on the tree above him. :)

Then he found a bench under a beautiful red tree. How could you resist picking those?!

Ok, Grammy and Grandad, here are all three of your adorable grandsons looking clean and happy before bed.

The above shot lasted about 3 seconds before Aren crawled off and Finn and Aidan cracked up laughing.

They had the best time together all weekend.

Then Uncle John read everyone a bedtime book, and we lamented again that we aren't able to see them enough.

Thanks, John, Michelle, Aidan and Aren, for a wonderful weekend. Mom and Dad, you can't complain for at least a few weeks that you haven't seen enough of your grandkids on here. ;)


  1. What an adorable picture of "the three grandsons". Very, very cute!

  2. cousins are great! they look like they had a very fun time. love the picture of F picking leaves! really...who could resist!
    thanks for sharing the photography link. the fuel pizza pic is amazing. look forward to perusing more.


  3. That's good stuff, Joy. Looks like fun...

  4. It sounds like a wonderful weekend Joy! You captured some great photos of your time together!

  5. That's such a cute group of cousins! Your brothers photography is gorgeous.

  6. Wonderful weekend!!! And beautiful photos-yours and your bros!

  7. I just love that picture of those three smiley boys!

  8. Thanks Sis! And thanks to everyone for their comments on the photos.


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