Friday, November 27, 2009

Handmade Fridays - Joyful Gifts

My friend, Jenni, of Joyful Gifts, came to town for Thanksgiving this weekend and hand delivered a custom made blanket and some wine bags from her lovely shop. Finn will be starting Montessori school in January and needed a naptime blanket for school, and this adorable Alexander Henry fire engine print blanket with it's soft minky underside will be well-loved as a naptime blanket, I'm certain.

Joyful Gifts also sells these beautiful, lined wine bags in both fun and sophisticated prints.

I also just had to add, especially since I missed WIP Wednesday, that I was finally able to give out the group of hats I worked on for several weeks.


  1. Love the group of hats!! and that blanket is so cute!!
    I hope you all hada great day yesterday!

  2. Very cute~ Wine bags are always fun : )

  3. lovely lovely items! i especially love the fire truck blanket!

  4. Aaaah...I love the photo of the sweet girls with the sweet hats. :)


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