Monday, November 9, 2009


Not exactly a new rhythm, but we're getting there.

::a keyboard duet::

::fancy, new dinner lighting::

::a special after dinner treat (movie recommended by Boatbaby)::

::bedtime, even for frogs (on new bedding sewn by Elizabeth)::

::time for Mama to relax (that's part of the rhythm too, right?)::

**Note: We generally let the kids watch one movie every other weekend, when they're all together with us. Now that autumn's early evenings are upon us, I'm thinking that might shift to a week night occasionally, like this week, when we had plenty of nice weather, visits with friends, and crafts to occupy us through the weekend.


  1. I love your last photo! Such a perfect way to end the day. Mama needs her time too!!

  2. Mama relaxing time definitely needs to be part of the rhythm! ;)

    Love the frog bedding, Elizabeth. Looks very comfy!

  3. London with the kids eh? When are you leaving? What did you think of the movie? Looks like a nice night!

  4. Boatbaby - the plan for London is over spring break. They've enjoyed the movie alot so far, although it's not finished yet. Finn did get scared at some of the roaring but still wanted to keep watching. :)

  5. Elizabeth's bedding is great and a trip to London sounds absolutely wonderful!

  6. We have the exact same keyboard. It is such fun playing it. We LOVE the movie My Neighbour Totoro -- we are a big fan of these kinds of movies.
    How exciting that you are going on an adventure to London!!
    Love the froggie bed; Jayla makes little beds, blankets and pillows for her stuffies all the time too.

  7. i love the last photo the best too :).

  8. London! How cool is that. :) I liked reading about your day.


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