Thursday, November 12, 2009

ray of sunshine

I fully intended to skip posting today. Another day dawned full of howling winds, and cold, dreary rain, which sucks out every bit of motivation I can muster to do anything fun with the kids, never mind any sweet or amusing anecdotes worth mentioning here. Then a little ray of sunshine appeared in our mailbox.

Last week, we won a giveaway from Hip Mountain Mama's shop on Gardenmama's blog. (Both have lovely blogs that you should take a peek at if you haven't already.) Today, when those goodies appeared in our mailbox, they were just the ray of sunshine we needed to uplift us after several days of dreary weather.

Elizabeth and Finn agreed that they are thankful for their new dress-up clothes and the fun and sunshine to be gleaned from these wonderful offerings from Hip Mountain Mama and Gardenmama. Thank you both! (yes, Finn is laying under the blanket I'm knitting while I'm knitting it.)


  1. Oh, such great pictures! I am so happy this brought them (and you) some sunshine today. Afterall, this is what these giveaways are all about...spreading sunshine!

  2. What lovely gifts Joy, congratulations for winning! I can't wait to see your completed blanket :)

    Happy day to you :)

  3. Yay! Someone really does win the unending giveaways

    Sure glad to see them in use!

  4. Yay! What perfect timing!

    I love that he is under the blanket WHILE youare knitting it!! <3

  5. The only thing sunnier are the sweet smiles on Finn & Elizabeth's faces!
    Doesn't this storm STINK!!?!?!?!

  6. Joy! It brings such warmth to my heart and a smile to my face to see your gorgeous children so happy with their sunny gifts! : ) Many warm wishes to all of you, I am glad you were able to see a 'rainbow' after all the rain you are encountering! How cute is Finn under your knitting project!! : )

  7. i love it. they all look delighted.

    and lying under the blanket while it's being knit *sigh* so sweet!

  8. Sure is a great gift to receive on a rainy day especially!

    Isn't it funny when you don't intend to post on a day but inspiration hits anyways??

    Did you see that Harry is hitting the media lately? Have you gotten his new CD yet?

  9. I'm so happy you found your ray of sunshine yesterday. :)

  10. i loved seeing that you won. perfect fit!

  11. What a wonderful thing for the mail to bring you today - when it's been so rainy and deary.

    I can't wait to see the blanket!


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