Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Nature Table and Handmade Fridays

Lost: one evening rhythm

The blogging has been sparce this week. A funk has descended on the house. The time change occurred. People always assume it's the sleep schedule that gets messed up for little ones, but in our house that was not a problem. Our evening rhythm was disturbed. For months and months now, we've been spending the 45 minutes or so between dinner and bathtime outside, except for a few rainy days. Alas, the time change made that impossible for now, and we're all sort of floundering during that time. I've got some tricks up my sleeve for the coming week so we'll see if it makes a difference. And this evening? It was all about the turkeys.

Our nature table has some new inhabitants. Finn's beloved turkeys have arrived!

And this sweet November postcard commemorating St. Martinmas day which we will hopefully celebrate for the first time this year.

These turkeys from ZooLooNaturals on etsy first made an appearance last year. Finn was thrilled and loved them dearly.

He especially enjoyed, and still does, dancing them on his Albuquerque Turkey book while we read/sing the story. (A nice vegetarian Thanksgiving book, if you're interested.)

This year, the turkeys are moving on up. They have their own play structure and tent.

And we all found it particularly hilarious to perch them high on the tree blocks (also available at ZooLooNaturals) while singing an adapted version of Five Fat Turkeys Are We.

Three Fat Turkeys Are We (formerly titled Five Fat Turkeys Are We)

Three fat turkeys are we,
we spent all night in the tree (blocks).
When the cook came around,
we couldn't be found.
So that's why we're here you see!

Three fat turkeys are we,
we know you'll all agree,
that on Thanksgiving Day
it certainly pays
to sleep in the highest tree (blocks)!


  1. I LOVE those turkeys! I know what you mean about losing the outside time. Of course, Zach would just as well throw on a fleece, grab a flashlight, and go anyhow. I tend to be the weather wimp on these cold dark nights. We're digging into some good books to make up for it.

  2. The time change has been rough for me here---it is so dark early! Those turkeys are so much fun! I think I want a few!

  3. I love those turkeys too! The time change has made us al feel a wee bit wonky over here-- I'm ready to settle back into a routine! And yeah for Martinmas-- its my favorite little festival!

  4. Those turkeys are great! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  5. i love the turkeys! yep, time change is throwing everyone off, i think. my finn thinks 5am is a reasonable wake up time. normally he's up at 5:45a, which already seems too early to me (no mamma time alone in the morning!), but 5a has me feeling loopy!

  6. what fun with the turkeys! i am hoping to figure out this time change thing soon too.


  7. Thanks for the mention and so cute seeing the turkeys from last year. I'm just going now to put a few in the shop.


  8. What cute little turkeys! This time change has thrown me off a bit to. I need a little lantern, like the one on your postcard, if I want to take the dog for a walk after three pm. ;)

  9. Rhythm changes are hard on a family...

    I surely do love those turkeys, though. They are darling and look like they will be well loved and played with. :)

  10. Those turkeys are so cute! I love the rhythem change that the change of clocks has brought to our house. I love the change of energy. In the summer and early fall the kids are always out playing with friends but at this time of year we have more time for reading, playing games, fires and foosball.
    I'll be looking forward to hearing how you deal with the time change.


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