Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The kids are always up for a new crafting challenge it seems and last weekend was no exception. I decided to teach them how to wet felt wool into balls. Of course they had all kinds of grand plans for the types of things they wanted to make after they finished their first felt ball, but once they realized that it took a little practice, they were content to just felt balls for their first lesson. Philip bailed pretty quickly after finishing most of his first ball, but Paulie and Elizabeth each did a couple of balls and really seemed to enjoy the process.

Elizabeth is squishing her wool with warm soapy water to start the felting process.

Paulie is picking some colored wool to felt the outside of his wool ball.

Here they are rubbing their balls 'round and 'round to felt them into a secure ball that won't come undone with play.

Here are the colorful felt balls all completed and dry.

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