Monday, July 14, 2008

Dye Another Day

In preparation for the dyeing event at our house on Saturday where I demonstrated dyeing to about 10 other moms, I ordered some playsilks from Dharma Trading, which gave me an excuse to try something new. I ended up ordering an extra large playsilk (30x30 in) and a silk scarf to dye for myself. I worked on them earlier in the week since I knew that I wouldn't have time during the dyeing event.

Dyeing the scarf, a crepe silk that is actually very floaty and light.

Dyeing the playsilk.

The finished product -- the scarf is on the left and the playsilk on the right.

Elizabeth, playing with all the family's playsilks and silk scarves. She needed to try out the new ones, and when we told her she looked like a gypsy, she sat down like this and wanted her picture taken. I'm not sure where she got the association between gypsies and meditation; she might be a bit confused. :)

Finn didn't want to be left out!

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