Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Signs of spring

Now that spring is officially upon us, we decided to break out the sidewalk chalk, jumbo size, and see what Finn thought. I must say that for his first experience with sidewalk chalk, he did remarkably well. He didn't try to eat the chalk, he sufficiently coated his clothes in pink and blue dust, and he even made a few marks on the driveway. He seemed a bit more interested in carrying the chalk around and driving his cars over the marks his daddy made. Sitting around in the driveway making mindless chalk marks is actually a pretty relaxing way to spend an evening so I'm sure we'll end up doing this a few more times before the summer heat sets in. And of course, much as spring does, the rain came the next day and washed the driveway clean so that we can have a fresh slate next time.

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