Friday, May 30, 2008

NYC, Day 3

Our final day in NYC was really only a morning, but we made the most of it! We were up bright and early, made our obligatory stop at Starbucks and then headed out toward the Museum of Modern Art. On the way we stopped at one of the many pieces of NYC street art. This particular piece doubled as a fountain and the kids had a wish so we paused to toss pennies.

We headed into MOMA as soon as they opened. Elizabeth found one of her favorite Matisse paintings in a staircase hallway.

Of course, they needed to pause to read ALL the soup can labels by Warhol.

Paulie enjoyed identifying all the various states on this Jasper Johns painting.

The room containing all Lichtenstein's cartoon drawings was a favorite. They especially liked this painting that they remembered seeing in their Roy Lichtenstein's ABCs book.

Paul enjoying seeing a few photographs by August Sander, his favorite photographer. Paulie declared there were "just a bunch of old people" in those pictures.

After MOMA, we headed out for a bite of lunch before leaving for the airport. We had a few minutes before Uncle Joe would be picking us up so we strolled through Times Square one last time...with Ugly Dolls in tow.

What a fabulous trip to NYC we had! I think the kids definitely enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to their next adventure here!

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