Friday, May 30, 2008

No TV?!

So...we decided to try being a tv-free household for the summer. (Well, not exactly tv-free because we still intend to watch the occasional movie on the weekends, but cable-free, for sure.) After turning in our cable boxes on Wednesday, Paul and I just looked at each other on Wednesday evening when the kids were safely tucked in their beds. What now?!

Paul ended up on the computer most of the evening, his new tv-substitute...[eyes rolling here] I attempted to do something productive and made a couple of playsilks for Charlie, who is coming to visit this weekend. I needed some demonstration silks to show the first grade teachers at Elizabeth's school anyway since I'm going to be helping the entire first grade dye silks next week!

After the playsilks were complete, I started a scrapbox for the kids to have various colors and textures of material to use for projects. I kept all the large pieces in a bag for bigger projects and put all the small pieces in a box for the kids to play with and use as needed in their own crafts. Finn has already waded into the box and checked out the contents. :)

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