Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NYC, Day 1

Wow! We spent an action packed brief weekend in NYC over Memorial Day. Here are some shots from our weekend. We rose early Saturday morning (5 am! yawn...) to head to the airport to catch our 7:30 am flight. The great thing about early morning flights to NYC is that you get a whole day of fun before the first night. :) Paulie and Elizabeth were so excited they were literally vibrating, skipping and hopping down the street!

Of course, all that vibrating led to a spill on the sidewalk which earned Elizabeth the best view in on the street.

I think that her first ride on the subway cheered her up though.

After lunching at the Life Cafe, and eating more pancakes and fresh fruit than they could hold, they played at the playground in Thompkins Square Park.

The afternoon would not have been complete without wandering through the street fair at NYU and picking up some candy apples. Paulie enjoyed his caramel apple, but Elizabeth's candy apple got the best of her. The candy was so hard she couldn't get to the apple underneath!

After checking into the hotel to unload our stuff and take a brief rest, we headed out again. Elizabeth, Karen and I perused the amazing American Girl store, complete with doll salon, mini-wardrobes and a cafe with small chairs to accomodate the American Girl dolls. While we shopped, the guys decided to take in the Top of the Rock (the view from the top of Rockefeller Center).

After posing for a quick picture under the Rockefeller Center flags, we headed off to Times Square and Planet Hollywood. The kids enjoyed pizza and fruit slushies in huge Planet Hollywood souvenir cups.

Following Planet Hollywood, we made the rounds through the huge Toys-R-Us then headed back to the hotel to wind down. What an amazing amount of activity we were able to pack into one day!

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