Tuesday, July 9, 2013

too many grapes

About a week and a half ago, Whole Foods ran a one-day sale on organic grapes for 99 cents a pound. If you bought a case (18 lbs), the discount dropped to about 85 cents a pound. Of course, I bought a case. After getting all of those grapes home and realizing that just fitting them into my fridge was going to pose a challenge, I gave a few pounds away, juiced some (with our veggies) over the next few days, then tried to figure out what in the world I would do with the 10+ pounds of grapes that I still had.

And so I decided to use about 8 pounds of grapes to make jelly.  I've never made grape jelly before, but my kids do like the occasional jar they've had from the store. I had some pectin on hand, and a brand new juicer, and it seemed that this would be a good use of our remaining grapes.

After washing the grapes and pulling them from the stem, they more than filled my gallon bowl.

When I finished running them through the juicer, I had roughly 2 quarts of juice. In hindsight, the juicer isn't the most efficient way of juicing that many grapes, it wastes a good deal of the juice. But it was infinitely faster than running it through the food mill.

I wasn't quite prepared for how cloudy the jelly would be.  All of the grape jelly I've seen at the store has been clear and dark.  I guess they probably filter the juice before making it into jelly.  It tastes quite wonderful though, and it took very little sugar to make it nice and sweet. I just used the instructions that came with the Pomona pectin to make this batch, using the least amount of sugar they recommended.


  1. You are an amazing canning machine!

  2. Grape is my favorite. I love the way that Welch's makes it when they call it Jam instead of Jelly-not sure why. Yours looks so delectable.


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