Thursday, July 18, 2013

camping in summer

A mere 24 hours after Elizabeth, Finn, and I returned from visiting friends last week, we laundered our clothes, gathered our gear, packed some food, and headed for the mountains to camp. We met up with other friends, who also have 4 kids, and crossed our fingers that we wouldn't have as much rain as this summer has brought so far.

It was largely a weekend of...

feeding littles,

chopping logs,

playing hide-and-seek,

playing with a dirty baby,

watching a roaring river (that was several feet above normal and very swiftly moving),

building and rebuilding fires,

hanging from trees,

laughing with friends,

seeing the local sights,

climbing large rocks,

soaking in water from the natural hot springs,

cooking over the fire,

and staying dry.

As much work as it is to take 8 children camping, I always look back with fondness and forward with excitement to the next trip.

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  1. A good preview for our early fall camping trip. I can't believe it was cool enough to wear jackets. We are ROASTING here. Seems we need to head off to the mountains!


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