Monday, June 17, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Tyler Arboretum - suburban Philadelphia

For the second leg of our road trip, we headed north from Monticello toward my brother's house in suburban Philadelphia.  On previous trips, we've seen some of the more prominent Philly sights, so this time we went off the beaten track. My sister-in-law recommended the Tyler Arboretum, and while I was suspicious that the kids would enjoy an entire day at the arboretum, it turned out to be a perfect choice.

This 650-acre arboretum is full of flowers, shrubs, and trees worth noting, but also, scattered along the walking path, are nearly a dozen tree houses and play houses.  The kids really enjoy racing from house to house, and I'm not sure they really noticed much of the greenery!

My personal favorite section of the arboretum was the fairy forest.  There were flower fairies, gnomes, elves and other magical folk sprinkled among the flowers, trees, and fallen logs.

These little flower fairies were so enchanting.  It makes me want to sprinkle a few throughout my gardens.

A slew of hammocks appeared just as the kids were in need of a rest.

Tyler Arboretum was well worth the time and addition to our road trip.  What a magical place for children to interact with nature.  I'll bet it's a different experience with each season.

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  1. Maybe those flower fairies will do the trick with your garden critter issues at home? Looks like a really special place. I love your virtual tours!


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