Friday, June 21, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Toronto

Upon our departure from Niagara Falls, we ventured toward Toronto.  Our first stop: Kensington Market, which had a very East Village vibe. (Kids are really funny on excursions like this. "But what are we going to DO here?" "Just what we're doing...walking, looking, maybe buying a thing or two.")

I did find one amazing shop that I could have spent hours and hours in: good egg. Weck Jars, some of my favorite books on canning and fermentation, vintage children's books! It was a feast for the eyes for as long as I could browse, which is never long enough when children are in tow.

After leaving Kensington Market and checking into our hotel, we found our way down Toronto's equivalent of Times Square.

On our way down to the CN Tower, we found this cute little market-style restaurant that had really great fresh food.

The CN Tower was amazing, although I'm not sure it's worth the crazy-expensive price to ride to the top.

(Paul kept photo-bombing my shots so he gets to be on my blog!)

The kids really had a great time at the CN Tower.  Besides the astounding views, and their excitement over being in the tower mentioned in the Barenaked Ladies I Don't Like song, they also enjoyed a short 3-D movie about flight and a simulated ride.

The views really were amazing.  I had no idea that Toronto spread so far nor that Toronto had so much green space.

The views across Lake Ontario were pretty incredible as well. I kept trying to figure out where the Niagara Falls were, but couldn't quite find them out there in that sea of blue.


  1. Paul is in the blog quite a bit... he doesn't need to photo bomb! Gorgeous views! Looks like you have lucked out with the weather too. Good Egg looks fabulous. One day when Naia is old enough we can take a Mamas only road trip where we can spend all days in shops like that!

    1. Sounds like a plan! You would have loved that little shop.


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