Thursday, June 20, 2013

Road Trip 2013: Niagara Falls, ON

After our time spent on the US side of the falls, we crossed into Canada where we stayed the night and spent the next day exploring the other side of the river. Like I'd heard, the views are a bit better from this side of the falls.

The parks on the Canada side were nice and went the length of the falls area, which was nice for exploring.

The view from Canada also afforded a nice view of Goat Island, the land that divides the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. I didn't realize until this trip that the water actually flows north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario via these falls.  That's counter intuitive to how you think they might flow.

Another thing you can't really imagine until you're standing over the Niagara River is just how fast that water is flowing.  It's the fastest running water I've ever seen in it's natural state.

The kids took some time out to spend sketching before one of our adventures.  What an amazing subject for sketching!

The Canadian side of the Falls lets you go behind Horseshoe Falls in an adventure called Journey Behind the Falls. It's really a series of tunnels that allows you to see the sheer white wall of water from behind.

There's also an observation deck that allows you to get close to the edge of Horseshoe Falls. It's just so difficult to get good photos with all that mist!

In the evening, my brother and I scored free tickets to the Skylon in Niagara Falls.  We decided to go up after the kids were in bed (thanks to our spouses!) and catch some nighttime views.

This view is the city of Niagara Falls with Lake Ontario and Toronto in the background.

And of course there are the illuminated falls. A sight worth seeing from the air.


  1. LOVE those night shots! And I always appreciate the detail you post about your trips so that others have a handy guide should they ever decide to follow in your footsteps! Thanks for the virtual vacation Joy!

  2. We go to niagara frequently and it never stops amazing me :) Lovely photos!


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