Sunday, June 2, 2013

garden update

Don't you see a long row of luscious greenery in this picture? Yeah, me neither. There used to be though. Darn voles! Just when we kept them out of the beds they were devouring with ferocity and managed to get some decent sized plants, they discovered the new raised bed.  Almost a whole row of cukes and winter squash...eaten.

A few cukes are coming back up in place of the eaten ones. Unfortunately, the winter squash are getting eaten as soon as they raise their heads.

Once we moved the fancy, motion-activated sprayer to this bed, the voles wised up and headed back to the original beds and nibbled a few zuke plants.

A few of the zukes and yellow crookneck squash have escaped so far.  I'm going to cross my fingers that they are heavy bearers!

The bell pepper plants that were nibbled down to mere stalks have rebounded nicely.  They even have buds already.

And the tomato plants that didn't have to be replaced are sprouting their first little green tomatoes.

The one plant that never seemed to interest the birds, voles, and rabbits: garden peas. They have quite a few peas already growing plump.  Maybe next year I should just become a pea farmer and barter for my other produce?

The bush beans didn't have as much trouble as other plants either and now we have a slew of teeny little green beans that look like they belong in a doll house.

The carrot patch didn't suffer from the animals either. Their green shoots are growing nicely.

Finally, the lattice we installed to support the tomatoes this year seems to be holding them up well. I have to weave them in and out of the lattice occasionally. I'm hopeful that we won't suffer any fallen tomato plants this year though.

How are things growing in your garden?


  1. I put some broccoli plants in a planter on my deck. The leaves grew huge very quickly but then I started noticing holes in the leaves. By the time I figured out what was eating them they were almost all devoured. Turns out there were cabbage loopers. I sprayed the plants and haven't seen any more bug but not sure how well the broccoli will do. Other than that my peppers seem to be doing well!

  2. We just put a fence around one raised bed to keep the rabbits out. So far it's working. Lovely tour of your garden!! WE just got ours planted yesterday.

  3. Wait, was I supposed to actually check on my garden? ;) So sorry about your critter issues. I did a quick google search and found this. You don't necessarily need to buy the product, but it has good info about what voles like and how you can block them. Good luck friend!


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