Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yarn Along

I'm back at the Yarn Along again this week after missing the last couple of weeks.  Not for lack of knitting though.  I'm actually in the middle of a couple of donation knits.  Elizabeth's and Finn's school is having a fundraising auction at their Spring Fling in a few weeks and I volunteered to knit a couple of hats for the bidding.  I'm nearly finished with the boy-ish hat in a bit of Alchemy that I had left from Paul's hat. I also just received a copy of The Magic Faraway Tree that I can't wait to start reading to the kids.  Tonight!

The girl's hat that I'm donating came from some leftover Crystal Palace rainbow yarn in the Lotus hat pattern.

Not all of my crafting time has been knitting.  I decided at the 11th hour to make Paul a protective cover for the Kindle he requested for his birthday.  When I say 11th hour, I mean I didn't decide to hit the fabric store for a couple of fat quarters until 9 am on his birthday. Fortunately, it was a quick pattern to whip up at the last minute.

I realized 2 things during this last-minute endeavor. I am not a seamstress at heart.  Knitting is relaxing for me, but sewing just makes me a bit tense.  I sew out of necessity or even the desire to gift a handmade item but not for fun. I also realized that the fabric store carries very few manly prints. (And by manly I mean without flowers or pink.)

All's well that ends well.  He has a handmade gift and useful protection for his gadget. And I, well, I'm grateful for my sewing machine even though she and I may never be the bosom buddies that my knitting needles and I are.


  1. love the cover!! Clever! I also really love the colors you paired in the first photo for the hat, so beautiful :)

  2. The Faraway Tree was my FAVOURITE book when I was a kid! I'm sure they'll enjoy it. I also LOVE that hat, the colours are to die for!

  3. ok, i am in LOVE with that rainbow hat. beautiful. and the kindle cover... very awesome!

  4. The Kindle cover looks fabulous! I almost made one like that for Zach during the holidays but I ran out of steam.
    And your kids are going to LOVE (i hope) The Magic Faraway Tree. Zach adores all of Enid Blyton's book (Wishing Chair, Famoud Five, etc) so much goodness from her! Enjoy!

  5. I love the rainbow yarn hat - beautiful! The Kindle cover looks lovely too - a great idea :)


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