Monday, April 1, 2013


Spring is springing now, or at least it's trying to.  For every week of warm, sunny temps, we get a week that follows with chilly, rainy, gloomy weather. And I have been absent from this space for just shy of two weeks.  The longest absence since I started this little blog almost 5 years ago.  

It's been a crazy last few weeks and I simply cannot focus on writing about mundane little cutesy things my kids are doing, or the pretties I'm knitting, or even how the daffodils are shining their faces toward the sun when larger, more important, things are bubbling just under the surface.  My personality must be wired wrong for fluff blogging, or something.

I kept thinking that the longer I waited I might be able to share more in this space and so I waited, and waited, and waited.  Did I mention yet that I'm one of the LEAST patient people on earth? Ask my husband, or parents, or anyone that's known me very long.  I'm a Type-A, get-it-done type.

And still I sit here waiting.  Or there hasn't been much sitting actually.  There's been lots of busy-ness to fill the waiting-time.  Knitting little owls for Easter baskets.

Rearranging furniture (apparently leaving a nook for Elizabeth to create with some couch cushions). Spring cleaning, purging of clothes and unnecessary items.

Yard work. Pickling asparagus.  The mundane things that keep life normal during abnormal times.

Oh, and a hand-blown glass chicken. (At the end of every good story there's a hand-blown glass chicken, right?) My Easter gift from the hubs.

Spring is springing.  Whether I'm distracted or not, chirps are filling the air, blossoms are wafting through the morning rays, and little bits of green are springing forth.  Patience might not be my forte, but I'm trying to at least breathe through the waiting and pay a bit more attention to the world around me.


  1. Arrrgh! I am going crazy waiting too and it's not even my thing. Hope is all works out for ya... fingers and toes crossed!

  2. oh i know this feeling. the pressing notion that blogging would be great, but something profound needs to happen?! or I'm just to busy to notice something specific?! it's been like that around here, and I notice the longer the breaks, the harder it is to jump back in. But, it makes me feel better to know you can have this struggle! You're dedication to this space is inspirational!! and, i hope the bubbles are simmering now. if you need a day at the farm, let me know. we're here, so's the canoe, fishing poles, chickens, can be a calm-inducer.


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