Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn Along

This week's Yarn Along is less than conventional since I just finished up 2 knits yesterday (and haven't had time to start another).  I also finished reading Caddie Woodlawn to the children last night so we are kind of in between things around here!  (Thus the lack of in progress yarn and book photo.)

The first knit that I finished is the test knit for Linda's Seaglass Cowl.  I will be putting my notes on Ravelry later today so you can see my thoughts on this pattern at that point.  I really enjoyed knitting it.  And I really like the way it shows off this Punta Hand-Painted Cotton yarn.

The other knit that I finished is the hipster hat for my husband.  You can see what happens when I ask him to model for me. I still haven't put my notes on Ravelry for that one either (a necessity especially since I didn't use a pattern!)

Can you tell I'm behind right now?!  All that time spent knitting doesn't leave time for much else. ;)


  1. Both projects look great! Love the cowl's colors and how squishy it looks. The hat is great, I think my husband would like one too :)

  2. Love the cowl's colors. So pretty. And he does look like quite the hipster!

  3. Love them both! We're in the midst of Caddie Woodlawn, such a great story. I'm hoping to join my first Yarn Alibg next week! It's immensely inspiring!!

  4. You are rocking that cowl! And I love the hat, it's very Paul!

  5. I love the color of the cowl but my favorite pic was your husband with had and glasses over face. Made me smile.


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