Tuesday, April 23, 2013

big and little

About a month ago, I saw this super cute Michael Miller print on Fabric.com while I was looking for another print. I could not get over the cuteness, although I could not think of a single thing that I might need a retro camping fabric for. (I did think and think and try to come up with something though!)

Then, of course, about a week later while surfing Pinterest, I stumbled across this fabric basket tutorial and immediately thought of that cute camping fabric. Since I plan to use this little basket to carry camping snacks and other supplies, I wasn't crazy about the ricrac trim in the tutorial, but the rest of the basket is pretty true to the tutorial.

Once I finished the first basket, I thought this might be even more useful in a slightly bigger form.  I made the second basket with the same tutorial except that the side pieces for the bigger version are 16x18 and the straps are 2.5x14.

The straps on the first basket were made of scraps I just happened to have on hand that complemented nicely. 

For the second basket, I used the main fabric for the straps. Elizabeth thinks this guy looks weird, and of course, he turned up on the handle. (Actually, I think it's the short shorts that she finds offensive.)

I'm even more excited to go camping now that I have these cute little totes to carry supplies. There's nothing like cute fabric to get you in the mood!

PS. Since then, I've found a whole line of cute camping fabric, Glamping by Moda. Anyone know of another project that might use this blue Glamping fabric? ;)


  1. hmm. Blogger is being weird... did my last comment make it?

  2. Ohhhh now I have an excuse to make more of these... yes... for camping of course! If you ever want some burlap to make some I can hook you up.


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