Thursday, April 18, 2013

a little red table

Last year when we decided to buy and assemble a basic picnic table to sit beneath the maple by the garden, I pictured a cute little red picnic table at sunset with our children happily eating and dashing around to play in the yard. The picnic table sat just waiting for it's makeover through the heat of summer, the busyness of school starting and birthdays in the fall, and the cold of winter.  Finally, over this past weekend, I began the work of sanding and painting...and painting and painting. But now we have the cute little red picnic table I envisioned and a splash of color in the backyard. It's the little things sometimes that bring a smile to your face when you peek out the back window. A red picnic table is definitely my little thing. :)


  1. super cute! outdoor eating is the best.

  2. It looks wonderful! And I love all of these photos too, the back yard is so inviting!


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