Monday, March 18, 2013

spring chickens

We had a brief glimpse of spring this weekend as we visited some friends in SC and helped them get set up with their new girls.  They bought 6 full-grown, but young, chickens of 4 different varieties. And my did the kids have a fabulous time with the new girls. As you can see from the photos, two of the chickens were braver than the others and didn't mind the kids picking them up, smoothing their feathers, and chasing them around the run.  Most of the other chickens stayed in the coop and out of reach for the most part. Now of course, as we're back home and a chilly rain has settled, we're dreaming of spring...and chickens of our own! Alas, a dream it might have to stay for a while as we live in a neighborhood with a HOA that lacks the chicken love.  But we can dream, and we can visit our SC friends with their beautiful chickens.


  1. I love the colors of your photos!

  2. gorgeous chickens! looks like a fun weekend.

  3. No chickens by you? We need to lobby somebody. Wait until I tell you about our chickens this weekend. Yeah you heard me right :)


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