Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along today, I have another Shalom on the needles.  This yarn is a very nubby merino so it's nearly impossible to see the pattern.  I haven't decided yet if that's a good thing, but it definitely won't look like my other Shalom.  I bought the yarn on clearance a little over a year ago to make Elizabeth something.  She liked my Shalom and decided that she'd like one as well.

My kids are still Moomin-obsessed, and I've just started reading the Moomin comic strip, volume 1 out loud to Finn. Cute and quirky, I can definitely see how the Moomins have captivated my kids so.

I finished the Laura sweater that I was working on last week.  By the skin of my teeth I got the length I wanted in both the body and sleeves.  As you can see, there was barely a few feet of yarn left when I finished.

I'm definitely pleased with how the yarn looked in stockinette stitch.  The pooling was perfect, in my opinion.

The fit is nearly perfect.  I might have added an extra inch in each sleeve (which is actually what the pattern calls for) but I really wanted an extra inch in the body (above what the pattern calls for) more so that's where the yarn went.  I had 880 yards (the pattern only called for 750).  I'm glad I had that bit of extra!  I don't know if using size 8 needles instead of 7s made the difference.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the finished product.  It's toasty warm and has a cowl built right in!  Perfect for chilly winter days.


  1. Wow your sweater looks great, perfect fit.
    Fun choice of yarn for a shalom, just finished mine and am very pleased with it.
    Used to love the moomins when I was a child!

  2. Your sweater is beautiful, and you are right - the pooling is perfect. I'm visiting from Yarn Along.

  3. Gorgeous sweater! Love the pooling as well!

  4. I cannot believe that is all the yarn you have left! I bet that felt thrilling and frightening at the same time (I kind of like that feeling). I think the shalom will work. You'll know for sure as you get closer to more yoke knitting. Have fun!

  5. Yes, indeed, that is a beautiful sweater and the yarn came into pattern so well, I just love it. And the blue in the Shalom just makes my synapses hum.

  6. Love seeing you in your beautiful sweater! It's GREAT! I love seeing all those knitted toes up there in your header too.


  7. Beautiful sweater! and a great color for the next one. I do like using most of my yarn on a project, but that is crazy close! And I have three kidss who love the Moomins as well. Not sure if you know, but there are videos on youtube as well.


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