Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yarn Along

For this week's Yarn Along, I'm still working on the same book that I've been reading the kids for a few weeks.  We're nearly done with Caddie Woodlawn though, and we'll probably move onto Call of the Wild which I'd like to read while it's still winter.  I'm still working on Elizabeth's sweater as well, but I started a hat for Paul this week.  He's been asking for a hipster-style beanie for a while, and when I found this Alchemy yarn at Purl Soho (half off!), it seemed like a perfect fit.

I also just started a test knit for Linda from Natural Suburbia of her Seaglass Cowl. I didn't have any particularly seaglass-ish yarn on hand, but I really like this hand-painted cotton by Punta Yarn, and it was the correct weight for the project, so I decided to use it instead.


  1. The cowl will be such a fun thing to wear! Great colors.

  2. what a yarn score!!! and I am jealous of where you were when you bought it, very very jealous :)

  3. OOps! Clicked out by mistake! I just love this yarn! So fun! and I'm anxious to see your cowl. I'm kind of into them lately. I clicked on her and I did see her version before. Your colors will be different, but gorgeous! Also waiting for your beanie pics. I don't look real great in a hat, but perhaps I just need a different style! Real short hair sort of disappears...maybe I need to add dreads to my hat!!
    Think I read Caddie Woodlawn years ago, but thinking I will knock off a bunch of Newbery Winners this year and she's one. Went through Little House series last year..made me feel young again!
    Have a great weekend. Cold and snowy here...perfect if you have time to knit and read...

  4. I love your photography of the yarn. :)


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