Sunday, November 11, 2012

our Martinmas lantern walk

Martinmas is the most difficult to photograph of all of our festivals, but I think the glow, the shadows, and the descending darkness of winter are well captured despite the blur.  We gathered as a community, as we have the last few years, for a meal of soup and bread, a lantern walk, and a release of light and warmth into the world.  Our host told the story of Saint Martin, and how he shared his cloak with the beggar, who appeared to him later as Christ, and we gathered warm clothes for those in need, this year for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We also spent a few minutes at the end of our lantern walk, gathered around a fire, singing by the light of our candles.  A much needed self-reflection during the inward time of lengthening darkness.


  1. That castle cake look too good to eat. As for photographing the dark, are you using a 50mm? A fast 50 makes it easier and more fun and it's not an expensive lens either.

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