Sunday, November 18, 2012

school projects

Paulie and Elizabeth have been busy this weekend with school projects that are due in the next week or two.  Mostly, they have been fun to work on and I thought I'd share.

Elizabeth is constructing a timeline about Harry Houdini's life to go with a book report that she has due shortly after Thanksgiving.  Her school is fortunate to take off the entire week of Thanksgiving, but with family coming into town today, she didn't want to spend her whole break working on the project.  She diligently worked all morning yesterday to get the timeline finished. 

Paulie has been swamped with projects lately, but at least the 2 he had due at the end of this weekend were fun.  He worked on this Facebook page for Immanuel Kant.  Much of the information was gathered during class. He only had to create the Facebook page this weekend.

Paulie's bigger project that took quite a bit of time was a cell cake.  The entire cake had to be a 3D diagram of the parts of a plant cell.  He was a bit stumped at first as to how to make an entire cake within the parameters of our family food values, ie. no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, etc.  We bought a variety of candy from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and used some fruit leather and homemade cranberry jelly to supplement.  Everything in this cake is organic and all-natural. I think he did a fabulous job!

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow to enter a giveaway that I'll be hosting through the Thanksgiving holiday.  I promise that it's an awesome one! ;)

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  1. That Houdini timeline looks impressive! Good luck, Elizabeth. :)


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