Wednesday, March 7, 2012

random art I found today

::a rainbow girl with potholder loop hair (and sweet freckles)::

::a purple track as a practice in unsanctioned art (otherwise known as "mommy didn't explicitly tell me not to color the track so that makes it ok, right?")::

::a colorful train::

::a rainbow car in progress::

::a bus in the window (Finn's art tends to have a vehicular theme)::

::a watercolored woven fish::

::coloring his connect-the-dots::

::doors for the tree house::

::a lineup of masked men, including a blue glittery one (he's fancy)::

::a robot made from a Spanish-language instruction sheet::

Because my kids spend some part of nearly every day working on art, often without even mentioning to me what they're doing, I sometimes don't notice what kind of art is produced around here. It was a fun exercise to walk around the house specifically looking for art this morning, like stopping to smell the roses. I think this should become a weekly practice.


  1. You have discovered such beautiful art treasures around your home. How wonderful!
    xo xo

  2. Hi Joy! Love your header!! Did you make those?! So pretty! I love finding stuff the kids have made when I am not around. How can you get mad over colored tracks, right? I have found several of those over the years. Your little ones are so inspiring!!

    take care

  3. Oh, I have so much unsanctioned art in my house...the walls, the dressers, the windows, the books...egads. Thanks for reminding me to see it as art!

  4. Good idea! Photograph it so if it does not stick around long then you have proof that you did love it at some point.

  5. I love those masked men! (and definitely the watercolored woven fish!)


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