Thursday, March 15, 2012

::right now::

::enjoying the spring colors now decorating our home::

::answering a million questions about Charles Dickens::

::finding wild onion braids all over the house::

::watching his latest obsession::

::changing winter into spring::

::laughing at his need to closely monitor the weather "where the food grows"::

::staring out the window regularly::

::examining the beginning of spring::

Spring has sprung. Maybe not according to the calendar, but if the weather is any indication, spring has arrived. The windows are flung, and the peepers are peeping. I'm taking their word for it.

When Finn saw me inspecting the emerging blackberry leaves, he came bolting out to the vines, "Are those berries here yet?!" "Not yet. It will be summer before there are ripe berries." "Summer?! That's SO long. I'm ready to chomp them down right now." Maybe he knows better than I. Maybe an early spring will bring early berries. Finn hopes so.


  1. I love all the photos you shared! Spring is in the air here as well and I am kind of loving it :)

  2. Loving those spring colors! This time of year feels fabulous doesn't it?


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