Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finn's holiday sweater

Back in the late spring, I made this sweater for Finn intending that it would be part of his Christmas or birthday gifts. However, as I pulled out the kids' sweaters to take pictures for Christmas cards, I realized that I had no sweaters in Finn's size. (Although I'm pretty sure we had some for Philip when he was that age. I'll probably discover them in a random box just about the time Finn outgrows them.)

So...Finn got his winter sweater a bit early this year.

He wore it for our Christmas card photo shoot and even let me take some solo shots while he played with the leaves.

The yarn I used for this sweater is Mirasol's Hap'i, which is a rather slubby, thick tanguis cotton, in natural. I found it last Christmas at a little yarn shop in Asheville on my trip with the hubby. It was on sale and a perfect weight and softness for Finn. I immediately saw a sweater for him when I felt this yarn. He's not fond of some wool yarns so I knew this soft cotton would make him happy.

Finn wore this sweater again to my grandmother's house on Thanksgiving day and posed for another photo shoot for me.

The pattern is a free ravelry pattern, named Gavyn, and I knit the largest size, which is supposed to be a 4-6. I could tell right away that the sleeves were going to be short so I added 2 inches which made them perfect for Finn now. How any 6 year old could fit in this sweater, I'll never know. I wish I had added 2 inches to the length of the sweater as well. Then it might have lasted until next winter as well since the width of the sweater is perfect for a 4-5.

His favorite part of the sweater is the buttons, as I knew it would be. My boy loves his car buttons. They sweeten the deal of any sweater, and I'm happy to add a little personalization for him.


  1. Your knitting is getting really complicated-- and amazing! He looks so grown up and handsome in it!

  2. What a fantastic sweater. I love the car buttons too!

  3. Wow...great job! This sweater looks so cute on your little guy. I like the car buttons to. :)

  4. Love it. Heading off to Ravelry right now and adding that to my projects. Must remember note about adding inches to length and arms. My almost 4 year old is so dang tall. Of course, while we don't have much need for sweaters here in Tucson, we're off tomorrow to colder climes of Colorado. Eek! Don't think I can knit this up that quickly unfortunately.

  5. Gorgeous sweater! I'm inspired to pick my needles up again. And the little car buttons are a perfect addition. He looks precious in it!

  6. Beautiful boy, beautiful sweater. Lucky mama!

  7. what a darling boy!! i have the same problem when knitting sweaters, they are always smaller than i looks like it fits your boy perfectly

  8. Beautiful sweater! ...and model too! :-)


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