Monday, November 15, 2010

a piece of my childhood

When my mom arrived from the Philippines a little over a week ago, she brought a stack of books that she had saved since my childhood, even a few that were from her childhood. I didn't recognize most of the titles she brought, save for the stack of Little House books.

One book in the stack, however, kept drawing me in repeatedly. I really had no recollection of the cover at all, but something in the pages, as I flipped through the book, spoke to me in an oddly familiar way.

As I pored over the book for the third, fourth and fifth times, an air of intimate awareness rushed from these pages as different projects jumped off the pages at me. I'm sure I had a connection to this book. Why don't I remember it more?

In the last week I've sat with my various children showing them the projects, gauging their interest to see what we might glean from these pages. Unanimously, they found this book to be a wonderful resource, and I'm sure we'll be poring over these projects again as new seasons come and go.

For now, we're giggling over the 70s presentation but also admiring the various turkeys and getting busy on turkeys of our own. Finn was particularly partial to the "prickly turkey", which is the turkey whose feathers are made from pinecone "pokes" (both are Finn terms).

There are many other lovely turkeys to create within these pages, including feather turkeys, indian corn turkeys and yarn turkeys. Although some of the projects in this book I'd never try (melting styrofoam, anyone?), we've found many of them to include natural materials and perfect for the kids to handle on their own.

As I helped Finn put the finishing touches on his "prickly turkey" yesterday, I found myself exceedingly grateful for this piece of my childhood returned to me.


  1. This looks great, there's something especially delightful about craft books from the 70's - probably nostalgia playing tricks on me...I'll look out for this whenever I'm in secondhand book shops. Thanks

  2. Wow what a treasure! your mom is so cool to lug those all the way back overseas for you. love the groovy 70's look!

  3. What fun that will be for you to get to share this book with your children now! Those are some cute turkeys.

  4. It's not nostalgia - those are some great, accessible yet beautiful crafts! What a treasure!

  5. I really think I've seen that book at some point in my teaching days--love it!!

  6. that's a wonderful craft idea. And I know what you mean - I expect to fall back into the Anne Of Green Gables books, they are like a familiar couch. I lent my Little House set to someone years and years ago and they've gone. Very sad.

  7. What a great find!! Some crafts NEVER go out of style! LOVE the turkey. :)

  8. I have that book too! We are loving looking through it for ideas and forever coming up with some variation on vintage crafting. Good stuff.


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