Monday, November 22, 2010

vintage doughnuts

There are few things I enjoy more than homemaking, particularly cooking from scratch, which has, on occasion, earned me comparisons to Donna Reed and other 1950s housewife jokes. Not that I mind. I think that our culture could use a bit more home-cooking, so in my opinion, there are worse things than being compared to an iconic 1950s homemaker.

When the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens arrived in my mailbox with a classic recipe from one of their classic 1953 red-checkered cookbooks, I practically squealed in delight. A homemade powdered doughnut fried up in one's very own kitchen...who does that anymore?

And so I did. Fry up doughnuts, that is. I almost expected to see cherub-cheeked children with squeaky, slicked back wet hair wearing tartan flannel nightclothes show up at the kitchen table. (Am I the only one who dreams in another decade?)

Alas, the kids still belong to their own generation. But just maybe I'll foster in them a love of warm, homemade powdered doughnuts while their friends continue to believe that powdered doughnuts exist only in stale white bags.


  1. I will wear a tartan nightgown and slick my hair back if you make me one of those! I sense a new food entering our snow day repetoire...

  2. I love that you have vintage daydreams! The doughnuts look absolutely amazing!

  3. You're welcome for the origami link, Joy! Your doughnuts look delicious and I bet they taste heavenly!!! I wish I were less lazy to do any deep frying at home though...

  4. i might need this recipe for Hanukah! We've never made any doughnuts that look this good...Naomi would LOVE to try.

  5. were they difficult to make? time consuming?
    can you share the recipe?

    my daughter has never had a doughnut (she has severe food allergies) and i would so love to be able to make her one!

  6. The recipe is actually at the BHG link above, but you have to register to see it. They really weren't difficult or time consuming. They did have to sit in the fridge for 2 hours before rolling out so I had to plan for that. Otherwise, they were much simpler than I expected. :)

  7. Oh, yum! Those donuts make me think of a favorite children's book of mine, Homer Price. Have you read that with your kids? They might like it.

  8. I've got that BHG issue! I'll have to try those. I'm more of a yeast doughnut person but I do enjoy those powdered sugar minis you can buy. I'd rather make my large batches :)


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