Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ok, so I realize that I'm a day late with my WIPs, but...ok, I have no excuse. Wait! School started; that counts, right? Anyway...

I made this little hat number while on vacation. It's actually a hurricane pattern (that swirls up toward the crown), but with the alpaca yarn, it's very subtle. Which I kind of like. :)

I'm finally starting on the hat to match Finn's vest. I can't decide whether to make it long-ish or short-ish with earflaps. Anyone have a vote?

I'm also still working on Elizabeth's blanket. And I'm a little bit ready for it to be done.

Apparently, I was remiss in leaving out the portion of our vacation that involved spending lots of time in pottery shops. Ok, it was mostly just one pottery shop. Jenni and I snuck out a few times and left the 6 kids with the menfolk. There were a few incredible finds, including one that I'll save for another day when the kids can demonstrate and I can explain in detail (are you curious now?) This adorable lidded crock was actually broken in with baked sweet potatoes while on vacation.

The following candlestick, with it's beautiful glaze, was purchased as a reminder of someone special who was born and passed two years ago next week. We intend to burn a candle in his memory here every year.

This is an old piece of pottery that I've had for a while. But how cute is it that Finn needed to put his green grapes in his green pottery because "they are the same."


  1. I vote ear flaps AND a long top part-- elves are always in season, right?

  2. I just love that style of glazed pottery! We have many similar pieces.

  3. Pottery makes me swoony-I love that bowl and candle stick. When I take trips often my souvenirs are pottery or yarn (and sometimes fabric!)


    This one I saw in Parasol Craft Magazine is so cute!

  5. The pottery is beautiful. I vote ear flaps. :)

  6. shortish, with earflaps...can't wait to see it! love the blanket, too!


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