Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WIP Wednesday...and life

I finally finished the gnome hat I was working on over the last 2 weeks. Linda, over at Natural Suburbia, and I were working on the project together, which was a really fun thing to do across the globe. Finn was less than impressed. I did manage to convince him to wear the hat for a couple of pictures, but he has declared that he doesn't like that hat!

No worries! It's big enough to fit the big kids, and they love it!

My works in progress for this week are a simple lace scarf, for an unnamed loved one, out of Malabrigo's silky merino. Wisteria is the colorway, probably my favorite smelly flower, and I can almost smell the flowery-ness just staring at this yarn. Mmmm! This is my first silk-blend yarn, and I'm surprised at the toughness that the silk lends. Fascinating, these natural fibers.

I also just started a double seed stitch blanket that will be a present for Elizabeth at Christmas. I found a wonderful organic merino colorway of purple, green and blue (can you see it in this picture? it looks all blue to me...) by Lorna's Laces that will go nicely with her bed quilt.

Things have gotten crazy around here again and my blogging (both reading and writing) has been minimal. Paul's mom is not doing well so he's in IL visiting her again, I've got some kind of throat virus that makes being the only parent around less than ideal, and our oldest 2 kids have 4 days left until they leave for sleepaway camp which means Mommy is swamped...oh yeah, did I mention this week at work is also the busiest one I've had since, oh, Finn was born, and that little bugger is still potty-training as well. Lest you think the kids are can see below that they are excited about camp and all is well. (Yes, that is a frozen blueberry that she is eating while lying upside down. I said that they weren't suffering, not they weren't trying to choke themselves.)


  1. Oh my goodness, the gnome hat is so darn cute Joy!

    I hope you feel better soon and life gets a little easier. Sending my best to your husband and his mother.

    Lisa :)

  2. Oh, and get well soon! Hopefully things will calm down.

  3. i am sorry about your MIL :( i hope everyone gets better soon and life settles down a bit.

    i love the yarn you are using for the blanket, i can't wait to see it all done!! i feel like i am already behind on my winter kntting as i am just finishing up k's birthday knitting eeek!!

  4. That hat is fantastic!!! We had a throat thing at our house, too. No fun. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Joy, I love Finn's gnome hat! It looks just wonderful!! You know the funny thing is, Kye also does not want to wear his hat but Erin just loves it :) Your knitting projects look great :)

  6. Joy I also wish you well, hope you feel better and I hope your mom-in-law feels better soon too, many blessings,



  7. Joy! The gnome hat is soooo cute!!! : )
    Many blessings to you mama, I hope you heal soon and am so sorry to hear that your mother in law is not doing well...

  8. Hi Joy

    The gnomie hat is gorgeous. I am sure next Winter it will be a hit..
    Healing blessings coming your way.

    A happy day to you

    Warm regards

  9. That purple yarn for the scarf is so yummy. I hope things settle down a bit is crazy this time of year.

  10. I love the gnome hat! Hope you feel better soon Joy.

  11. The gnome hat is darling!

    I hope your MIL gets feeling better soon and that life calms down a bit for you.

    Looks like the kids are having a lot of fun. ;)

  12. adorable. I think I need one for my gnome-er...

  13. You are a talented knitter! I like the gnome hat very much. I'm sorry things are so rough right now. I'll keep Paul's mom in my prayers.

  14. Somehow I missed the second half of this post before I commented, and I'm glad I saw it. Wish I could lend a hand-- those pesky few miles between us feel like a lot right this moment! Hope you feel better and are able to get a little rest!


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