Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dancing...and other mundane stuff that lifts the spirit

Yesterday, Boatbaby reminded me how therapeutic dancing can be. Today, I was reminded again when the kids were playing with Elizabeth's keyboard and inventing dances to go along with the demo songs. This dance was an "ice skating dance" performed to Sleeping Beauty's Once Upon A Dream. (Yes, our dining room is generally this messy. It's what happens when your dining room doubles not only as a server room but a sewing room as well.)

And Finn, just as soon as I thought that little boy wasn't keen on the pottying, he decides that he can handle it. Now he's back to riding his bike in shorts instead of just undies.

Not only does this photo make me smile because the small amount of knitting/relaxation time I can eek out these days really does make a difference, but Elizabeth's burgeoning photography skills amaze me regularly.

She also took the shot below, which I'm including because I know Paul will love it and because it seems like so long since I've seen him. (To my husband: I know I need to relax my forehead. I will work on that.)

Is is possible that some stress might also melt away while watching an eight-year-old little girl and her seven-year-old neighbor friend try to ride a tricycle meant for a three-year-old...together? I think it is.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you, my bloggy friends for your kind and uplifting words. I'm fortunate to have a very sweet life, in which you all play a role, and I'm grateful.


  1. You hang in there, Joy. Looks like there are some "up" moments over there, as well...

  2. Looking for the smiles is always a good way to spend a day, in my opinion.
    Many blessings to you and yours.

  3. We'll get together when you get back. Have a safe trip and call me if you need anything...and by the way, Elizabeth is doing really well behind the camera...I'm very impressed

  4. whenever i question having more than 2 kids, i see a post like yours and i see such joy at all your little ones playing together. this made me smile and slow down. thank you for that today!

  5. I'm sorry your life has been so stressful lately. It sounds like you're dealing with it all with such grace. I like the furrowed forehead shot...that's the same thing I do when I'm concentrating. :)

  6. I appreciate through your writing and photos that you are being mindful of the sweet spots of your days, kids seem to help us with that! With that said...I am very sorry things are difficult right now. Many blessings to you and your family Joy!

  7. I'm sorry you are having troubles and hope all will be well soon. It sounds like you are finding things to celebrate...Beth

  8. I'm sorry you're going through a stressful time. I love that you're able to appreciate those sweet moments among tough times.


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