Friday, August 14, 2009


We've continued to receive updates on Paulie and Elizabeth at camp via the camp website and a couple of letters from Elizabeth. Paulie apparently decided to take the fishing class again this summer, which you can see below includes making your own pole.

Elizabeth is trying out all new activities this summer, with the exception of art, including archery (seen below, she's the archer furtherest to the left), fishing (?!), and canoeing. You go girl, is about all I have to say about that. I hope she finds enjoyment in one of her new activities.

We also saw that Paulie had the chance to visit Big Scoop, a local ice creamery near the camp.

On the homefront, we decided, since Paul was out of town visiting his mom the last two Finn-ful weekends, to take advantage of a Finn-only night and have an Indian food. Have you ever seen a 2-year-old breathing in his beloved Indian food?

As Finn would say, "Mmmm...dewishious!"

**the top 3 photos were taken by the camp staff


  1. So, Saffron is our favorite restaurant-- Grady is a serious Indian junkie himself. If you ever want to swing by for the lunch buffet---mmmmm.

    I like your post about balance. Being totally unbalanced myself, I just got around to reading yesterday's post today. I'm trying to focus more on the moments when I am with the kids but need to be doing something work-related, because I feel like I'm always pushing on to the next "break" in our day, rather than enjoying the (granted, many, many) hours we spend together. I think the best solution to balance is to get a 30hour clock instead of a 24 hour one...

  2. Fishing, canoeing, archery... Oh what fun! What a truly wonderful delight it must be for them to go to this camp for a couple of weeks! I'd LOVE to send my girls somewhere like this.

    And Finn with his dinner...there are no words to describe how cute he is! lol


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