Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spotlight on...

School Art

Paul and Philip go to an arts magnet school and Elizabeth attends a charter school based on arts education.  I thought I'd spotlight what they've been working on lately in school.  Paul has been working on a pottery project, which of course, takes time to complete, so I'll have to return to that at a later date when it finally makes it's way home. 

Philip's Van Gogh

Philip's Mondrian

Elizabeth's printmaking

Elizabeth's collage
(painting/drawing to music, then chopping up and reassembling)

This next photo has nothing to do with school art, but I couldn't help but share.  Elizabeth and I stumbled upon a wonderful Oscar Wilde short story turned children's book named The Star Child.  The copy we found at our local library is apparently out of print, but Amazon has an updated version with a different illustrator.  Elizabeth was enchanted by this beautiful book!


  1. I'm inspired now to do a few of these projects at my house! It looks like your kids have great schools. I love their artwork.


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