Thursday, February 12, 2009


There were about 3 other things on my mind yesterday to blog about, but I'm afraid that there are precious few nice weather days left before the February chill comes back, so when Finn pleaded for "outside" as soon as we walked in the door yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help but accomodate him.  Wednesdays are Mommy and Finn evenings while the older kids are in various other places so I always enjoy being able to let him pick the activity and then to focus solely on him for a few minutes.

Finn thought 'what good is a mommy outside if she can't hang out in the clubhouse of the play structure with you.'  So up I climbed to sit with him in the clubhouse.

Have I mentioned how much I love these Shufs from Simple Shoes?  I fell in love with them more than a year ago and when I saw them on clearance at I couldn't resist.

After watching Finn slide down and climb back up quite a few times, we decided to head in the house for dinner.  He happily left the yard and remained in a fantastic mood the rest of the evening.

What a joy it will be when spring comes to stay and we can spend many more afternoons this way!


  1. Definitely, it's important to take advantage of those rare warm weather days in February. I like your shoes. :)

  2. I have serious spring fever. Lately it was a bit warmer here and I found myself slowly walking to the car, parking far away from the school and taking extra trips out to preschool (on the same campus, but a walk away from the school building that houses my office). Oh nice weather, how I love to enjoy it!


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