Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Wizard

Finn is turning into quite the fun little guy.  I think the 2s is one of my favorite ages for playing, you know, when they aren't freaking out and crying over something that, try as you might, makes no sense when they say it through the whining.   We had lots of time for playing this weekend since we didn't venture out of the house/yard much due to Finn's random fever.  He discovered this cape and hat hanging in his closet so I helped him dress up and found a wooden wand to complete the outfit.  His "sar sick" (that would be "star stick" to the rest of us) has become a new favorite toy to drag along everywhere he goes.  He doesn't quite understand what it means to pretend to be something, but he did enjoy strutting around in his fancy "sar" clothes.

PS. Yes, he has a big head that refused to allow the hat to be crammed down far enough to actually stay on his head very well.  

robe: slightly big
hat: carefully balanced on top
silly wizard pics: priceless


  1. That's the cutest little wizard I ever saw! :)

  2. What a great costume! We are always on the hunt for good dress up clothes for our son. He loves to play dress up with his sister, but does not always want to be a princess. Poor guy.


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