Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning to Knit

After attempting to learn to knit on my own last year, I finally broke down a took a knitting lesson at a local yarn shop.  Actually, Elizabeth and I took a lesson together on a day off from school last week.  I finally seem to get the hang of casting on, knitting, and casting off.  Yippee!  Now I can expand my yarn creations from crochet only.  Finn has become increasingly interested in participating in working with yarn.  He adopted my first washcloth-like knit piece as his practice piece.

Now that I've gotten the basics down, I got this book from the library to help push my skills a bit further.  I was a little bit afraid of the adult books so I thought Kids Knit! might be less intimidating, since I have no desire to frustrate myself to the point of giving up again.  This book as some really simple projects geared toward practicing which is exactly what I need.

As for Elizabeth, she was so intense in her effort that she ended up with really tight stitches making every stitch a struggle.  She's decided to take a break and maybe we'll take another lesson later in the spring or summer.  In the meantime, I've ordered the knitting mushroom from Three Sisters Toys to give her a bit of push in the right direction with out the pressure and tension of the needles.  

Wish us luck!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! How did you find me? I LOVE that you are learning to knit. I've just recently tackled crocheting and can't even count how many times I've ripped it apart and started again. But the process is still fun!

    If you get a chance you should pop over to my other blog too!

  2. Kid books are good starting places for so many things!!
    Often it's just my speed.

    Congratulations on your learning!

  3. A kids knitting book is exactly what I started with as well. :) So much less intimidating. Those knitting mushrooms are great...the knitting goes so fast on them, which is quite satisfying for kids.

  4. me too. i began with a kid's knitting book "A First Book of Knitting for Children" by Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton. love that book.

  5. That knitting book is similar to the one I learned from- happy knitting!


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