Thursday, May 2, 2013

on the red carpet

Last night was the big night for Elizabeth and her classmates.  They each were able to walk down the red carpet at a local theater for the premiere of the documentary films that they've been working on for the last few months.

Back in February, I posted some background about the film as they were working on it. Spending time with the class as they were working on their claymation and working on the costumes, I got a small glimpse of what the 6th graders were working on, but it was amazing to see the fruits of their labors last evening.

Each of the films (there were 6 groups of 4-5 children working on each film) had their own flavor and style, but the effort, creativity, and extensive research were evident in each one.

I know the highlight for them was dressing up and walking down the red carpet to flashing cameras (not only parents, but the local paper and film crew were there). But for me, as a parent, the highlight was seeing my child, who has blossomed in this creative and nurturing environment, poised and eloquent as she narrated and acted in this film.

And seeing the amazing and extensive article on the front page of this morning's paper was just icing on the cake! (Can you find me, camera in hand, in 2 of the newspaper photos?) I couldn't be more proud of these kids and this school. 


  1. So cool! I love our school! -Sherri

  2. Wonderful-you have a great school in your community, Joy. Will Finn get a chance to go there if he wants to? It looks fabulous !~! High fives to E and her mates.

  3. Wow, what a cool project! My husband has been working on a stop-animation film with our son, based on a storyboard he created. It's so much fun for them both!! This is inspiring for me as a teacher, too!

  4. That school just seems so fabulous! You need to put the movies up on youtube so we can all enjoy them!
    Congratulations Elizabeth!

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