Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yarn Along

For this week's Yarn Along, I'm working on a larger version of the French press cozy I posted yesterday.  We have a 60 oz French press that also needs to deliver warm coffee whilst we camp in a few weeks. Finn and I have been repeatedly reading d'Aulaires' Book of Trolls over the last couple of weeks.  The d'Aulaires' books are always fabulous, but this one has particularly grabbed Finn lately.

I've also been working on a bit of stitching.  This is my first embroidery project.  I've wanted to learn for a while, and this kit from Amazon seemed like a good way to start.

The chickens I began last week received combs and beaks yesterday just in time for a play date with a 5-year-old friend who adopted this brown one.

Our friend and Finn had a great time helping their chickens lay these wooden eggs.

Finn happily waited for the gray chicken to receive her comb and beak.  Now all of the other kids want one as well.  Too bad I didn't think of this before Easter!


  1. Such a cute chicken! And your FP cozy is a great idea. :)

  2. I have a similar chicken that was used to keep my soft boiled eggs warm until I came to the table for breakfast.

  3. Love the egg laying trick!! Very clever :) Great stitching project, I just ordered something from etsy to stitch and cannot wait for it to arrive.


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