Tuesday, May 7, 2013

crafting for camping

In just a couple of weeks, our family will head to the NC mountains with 6 other families to a group campground for the weekend.  As I was thinking on our past camping trips, I thought of a few things I might want, and of course, I saw a few things on Pinterest, that might be useful for camping.  

Firstly, I noticed that while French Press coffee is far superior to other coffees, in my opinion, the required 4 minutes of steep time often cause the coffee to cool more quickly when the temperatures are chilly, as they often are when camping in the spring or fall.  I thought a wool cozy for my coffee press might help that situation a bit.  

To make this little cozy, I cast on 30 stitches and garter stitched for 8 rows, then garter stitched the first and last 5 stitches of each row, while stockinette stitching the middle, for the length of the cozy.  I just measured how long the cozy should be by holding it up to the press.

When I was finished, I realized I should have cast on about 45 stitches to make the cozy wrap all the way around, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed by a few cute bottons and 3 straps made of 2 stitch i-cord.

I saw the following idea on Pinterest that seemed very handy, a terry toothbrush organizer! I bought an inexpensive hand towel, folded it up so that just the brush heads would stick out, then sewed 3 inch(ish) sections on my sewing machine. There is plenty of room for the 6 toothbrushes we need along with a couple of tubes of toothpaste.  And the bonus: no more soggy toothbrushes in a ziploc bag. Hooray!

I also sewed a length of coordinating ribbon in the seam on the end of the organizer so it could be rolled up and tied.

The last time we camped with friends, the kindling was slightly damp one morning and took forever to get a fire started. Another Pinterest idea that seemed particularly handy: fire starters made from cotton pads dipped in candle wax.  I just dipped mine in extra beeswax. I made about 20, and I assume that will be more than plenty for a weekend camping trip. I used metal tweezers to dip the cotton pads. Super easy!

Do you have any tricks or ideas for easier camping?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. We do something similar with the fire starters... we take a paper egg carton and fill it with lint from the dryer in the winter months when we can't hang dry. Then we pour left over wax on them. They work like a charm. I'm sure these will work just as well. Sometimes if it's windy we use 2.

    Another trick we do is to prep breakfast in advance. We usually make breakfast burritos with scrambled egg, black beans and veggies. We roll them up and wrap them in tin foil. Then we throw them on the fire. It's easy clean up and hearty enough to keep you full till lunch.

    We also use Dr Bronner's soap when camping... it doubles as shampoo, body soap and face soap - less to pack.

  2. Love the ideas. You will have to report after the trip what worked and what didn't.

  3. The terry towel toothbrush organizer is a super idea!
    My french press sports nothing as pretty as yours - just a terry tea towel.

  4. This is perfect for my backpack. It’s not for extremely heavy items but then again I didn’t buy it for that purchase click this over here now. Love that it all folds up into its own travel case.

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