Sunday, July 29, 2012


The virtual book club that I help moderate on Facebook is currently discussing Last Child in the Woods.  I remember first reading this book about 4 years ago when my oldest kids were getting ready to attend their first year of sleep-away camp in a very nature-centered environment.  The book really spoke to me in a myriad of ways, and I'm so happy to be revisiting the lessons I learned.  If you would like to join our discussion, please do.

In the meantime, to celebrate the spirit of Last Child in the Woods, I'm going to attempt to post some photos every day this week of our family enjoying the great outdoors.  If you choose to join in, for any part of the week, I'll post a link list at the bottom of my post each day this week. Now get outside (early in the morning if you need to beat the heat), breathe in the fresh air, and pay attention to something in nature that you might not have noticed before. :)


  1. Your family is just BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Love that first picture and the one of you and Finn. And the last. Ok, all of them are great. I watched some of the youtube with the author of that book earlier. Very interesting.

  3. Your tribe is always outside :) Love that photo of the boys chasing muddy Paul! I wish I could promise to keep up with some photos outside each day. We are certainly out every single day... I am just feeling lazy about the pictures lately. I need to get my photo mojo back.


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