Monday, July 23, 2012

garden update

The garden is plugging right along this week.  The butternut squash is my favorite thing to check on right now.  They are getting so long and orangish-brown.  I'm not exactly sure when to harvest them, or the acorn squash, but I'm guessing that they are almost ready.  The two picture below are the ripest and there are several more in varying degrees of ripeness hidden in the leaves.

The garden peas are growing nicely again.  They are enjoying the rain we've had over the last week.  I hope they'll start producing again by mid-to-late August if we can keep the aphids away.

I pulled up most of the squash this weekend since their production slowed dramatically over the last 2 weeks and they were taking up the entire bed.  The cucumbers look like a bedraggled mess without the squash plants covering them.  There are 8-10 baby cukes still in that tangle of leaves and stems so they might still produce for a while.

The tomatoes don't look any better, still laying sideways.  They are producing as well as ever so I keep picking almost daily.  I'll pull them up as soon as I can to make room for the fall garden.

The lone zucchini plant that's left still have several blooms so I might get another zuke or two from him.  The beets can finally see the light now that I've moved the zucchini plant off of them, but only 2-3 of them really seem to be growing well.  I'll probably plant them again in the fall garden.  Those poor beets have had it rough this summer!

The cilantro is slowing growing larger.  I hope by mid-August to get enough to can a decent amount of tomato salsa for the winter with the last of the tomatoes.  I replanted basil this weekend as well.  I've made enough pesto for the winter, I think, but I did want some dried basil to use over the winter as well.

How is your garden growing?

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  1. You really want to know? We have one sorry tomato plants, and it fell into the Bay during our freak storm. Then -- some neighbor fished it out. But now I am scared to eat the tomatoes. We have a wee little cucumber plants that has one cucumber on it that looks deformed. And I keep wanting to plant basil for pesto but never seem to get around to it. So I am thankful for our CSA ;)


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